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LOVE IS A CHOICE - Writer/Director

02’00’’, UK // COMEDY

On a cold winter night George has just confessed to his mother of a love that she does not approve of.
An important choice must be made.
Will the mother be able to make him see reason or will he stick to his choice?

Written and Directed by: Silvia Tonelli


Mother: Caroline Wildi

George: Marcus Knight-Adams

DOP and Camera Operator: Ron Zlatkin

1st AD: Tessa Rose

1st AC: Oksana Tkatchouk
2nd AC: Chloe Yasi Zhou

Boom Operator: Charlie Park

Editor: Alvaro Barrus

Music Composer: Laura Babetto


With thanks to David Pope, Hong Manley, Mervyn Gerrard, Margarida Correia


Associate Producers: Simon Flynn & Matthew Wake

Executive Producers: Daisy Gili & Anna MacDonald

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